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Are You Looking for Professional Timber Decking in Surrey Hills, Hawthorn, and More? We Are the Place to Go!

Many people enjoy drinks after a long day of work on their own peaceful deck set in the privacy of their property far more than at a crowded, bustling bar. It’s far easier to unwind after a long day at work or to host your own crowded, bustling parties when you have a professionally built timber deck to enjoy it on. Whether you love hosting friends, or you’re that family member who always hosts the big family get-togethers, timber decks, and landscaping is a vital part of creating both a pleasant place to entertain and a functional space to use.

We are Desired Effect Landscaping, and we are one of the reliable providers of timber decking in Surrey Hills, Hawthorn, and the nearby suburbs of Eastern Melbourne. At Desired Effect, we think that landscaping is of the utmost importance in improving one’s life. We know that having a professional landscaper who you can trust to get a job done well and on time is very important. This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide excellent landscaping and timber decking in Blackburn, Burwood, and beyond.

Why Timber Decking in Blackburn, Burwood, and Beyond is Important

Landscaping is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessary part of creating a desirable and inviting home in which to host memorable occasions. A good landscaping company will create not only functional wooden decks but also creative and visually appealing timber decking features that will become the best place to host large parties and get-togethers on the weekends or to simply enjoy the sunset with a small group or by yourself.

Why You Should Choose Us for Timber Decking in Your Blackburn, Burwood, Hawthorn, or Surrey Hills Home

At Desired Effect Landscaping, we are proud to have been in the landscaping industry for over ten years. We have plenty of experience in creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces that can help improve not only your home but your overall quality of life. For those looking for more than just timber decking services to improve their home with, we offer a full range of landscaping services for all your needs, including lighting, water features, landscaping design, pathway and driveway construction, and many more services.

Brett Blundell is the man who created Desired Effect Landscaping with the dream of providing premium services for landscaping and timber decking to Hawthorn, Blackburn, Burwood, Surrey Hills, and some other suburbs in Eastern Melbourne. He knows how to work with people to create landscape designs down to the last minute detail, build quality construction for optimum stability and function, and install irrigation, drainage, and lighting systems to improve new and existing structures.

If you’re looking for well-experienced landscapers with an excellent track record to do your timber decking in Blackburn, Burwood and beyond, consider calling us today to find what type of landscaping services will work best for your property and personality!