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Water and pool landscaping

Mythology indicates that as a race we evolved where trees met grasslands, and where fresh water was plentiful. Therefore, we crave the harmony of running water and splashing. These noises make us feel at one with our surroundings and can turn our home into a sanctuary.

If you’re looking for a unique backyard design that transforms your pool area into an oasis or introduces water features, ponds and tranquillity into your garden, contact Desired Effect. We are professional landscapers who specialise in:

Water features

Add a dynamic, yet soothing element to your garden. One that makes a statement about who you are and embodies the elegance of your home. Desired Effect can suggest which water feature types and colours will work well with your property. We can also add a ‘wow’ factor.


There is nothing more frustrating than having poor garden drainage. Pools of water can cause root rot and other garden nasties to present themselves. Plus, it can encourage white ants to visit. However, Desired Effect can help you to eliminate this problem, by installing good garden drainage that can disperse of even the heaviest of rainfall easily.

Pool surrounds

When selecting the right pool surround, you want to make sure that it allows for movement, that it’s easy to maintain, and that it accentuates the look and feel of your pool area. Using materials that complement your pool design, shape and overall appearance, Desired Effect takes the guesswork out of selecting the right surround for your pool.

Desired Effect know and understand what water features work best where, and we enjoy turning pool areas into beautiful spaces. We give you a complete service from start to finish, and we deliver what you’re seeking. Unleash your desired effect today and transform your garden.