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Garden landscaping

There is nothing more inviting than turning into your driveway after a long and arduous day, and being greeted by the tranquillity and beauty of a lush garden. While landscaping beautifies your home, it also helps you to heat and cool your property, manage water use and improve your air quality. Plus, it reduces your stress levels.

Desired Effect can work with you and any natural systems that surround your home so that you improve the sustainability of your property. We can also improve any existing landscape or assist you with the design of a fresh, new landscape. Some landscaping aspects that we specialise in are:

Garden edging

Edging your garden defines spaces, and it can add an aesthetically pleasing boundary to garden beds. Plus, it reduces garden maintenance, making your garden look vibrant for longer. Desired Effect can edge your garden naturally, where turf is cut to create a defined border. Alternatively, you can choose from bricks, pavers, pine or aluminium to edge your garden. Just let us know which you prefer. There are many choices available; it just depends on the desired look that you are trying to achieve.

Garden lighting

Highlight tree trunks and canopies, give your paths mystical charm and bring your garden to life at night so that it’s a feature. Whether you are looking for in-ground lights, path lights or architectural wall lights, Desired Effect can assist you to bring your garden to life.

Turf and irrigation

Save yourself time and effort with watering and lawn maintenance. Instead, let Desired Effect do all the hard work. You can then sit back and enjoy the results.

Desired Effect can assist you to landscape your garden so that it complements your home and adds depth and character to your property’s ambience. Our services are complete, and we are committed to delivering a high quality of workmanship and excellent customer service. Unleash your desired effect today and take your garden to the next level.