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Decking and paving

As the name suggests, Desired Effect Landscaping is here to help you produce the image that you envision for your home. Our decking and paving services are reliable and innovative and can create a fresh take for your household, whether it be a small spruce-up, like adding some quaint garden paths, to a complete lifestyle-changer, like the addition of a magnificent timber deck.

Paths and driveways

Curb appeal is to houses as a cover is to a book. It’s the first thing people see and the first thing people judge, making it a major factor in a property’s value. Think pretty paths, designer driveways and elegant garden décor to match. Desired Effect Landscaping can give your property’s curb appeal a refresher or a full blown makeover, and we’ll work with you to create the look you want, when you want it. With over a decade of experience in concreting, paving and professional landscape design, you’re in trustworthy hands with our expert team.

Paving and concreting

Desired Effect Landscaping uses only the highest quality products to provide exceptional and unique paving and concreting. We deal with coloured concrete, foundations and exposed aggregate concrete; and we specialise in driveways, patios, pool areas, garden edges and paths. Brighten up your garden or pool area with some fresh paving or designer pathways. We can even do up your garden lighting and landscaping to decorate these new additions.

Timber decking

Desired Effect produce wooden decks that are not only functionally well-designed, but creative, visually appealing and amenable to creating a better home environment. A wooden deck adds personality, alters atmosphere and creates a perfect space for gatherings. We offer construction, decking materials, sealing and finishing – the whole package. Our services can give you peace of mind when adding this life-changing addition to your home. With over 10 years of experience in the landscaping industry, ample know-how in timber decking and a quality construction guarantee, Desired Effect is here to help you create the dream deck you’ve always imagined.