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When You Need the Best Landscape Design in St. Kilda, You Need the Professional Landscapers at Desired Effect Landscaping

Are you looking to transform your lawn into the garden of your dreams? Do you have original conceptions about what you how your outdoor space should look? Enhancing your lawn with landscaping services is a fantastic way to increase your home’s overall value, while instantly improving your home’s kerb appeal.

When most people think of landscaping services, they often equate it with minor garden and planting assistance. While landscapers in St. Kilda certainly do help with existing gardens and shrubs, the wide array of landscaping offers is much vaster than you might think.

What Types of Services do Landscapers Provide?

Most landscapers offer a variety of outdoor enhancement options, all of which will alter and improve the look of your garden. Almost all landscapers provide edging services, which serve to create borders and defined lines throughout your garden using pavers, bricks, or stone. Also, lighting services are often offered, to highlight your favourite or most impressive garden features. Turf and Irrigation services are also generally provided as well.

While these are a few intrinsic offerings of most of the area’s landscapers, a quality company will have the skill and experience to maximise your space and potential to create an outdoor escape that you’ll love as your haven.

Additional Services Provided by Desired Effect Landscaping in St. Kilda

Our professional team at Desired Effect are more than just landscapers: we’re outdoor visionaries. They can help turn your yard into the outdoor space you’ve always envisioned for your home or family. Looking to create custom stone walkways around your pool? We can help with that! Hoping to add a quaint pergola to your backyard? We have experience with that, too. Anything you can dream up, we can accomplish!

From more straightforward tasks like creating immaculate driveways or pathways that provide safe walking areas from the home’s entrances to more intricate jobs like custom design work, Desired Effect can help. We are not only fully committed to helping you realise your yard’s full potential, but we’re also completely committed to finishing jobs on time and staying within your specified budget. We’ll work with you to find individualised solutions to yard design challenges and won’t rest until we’ve come up with a solution that fits your garden and budget.

Whether you want to have a perfectly sculpted backyard, complete with the latest garden designs, or are looking for outdoor living solutions such as decking, concrete or stone areas, or pergolas, we can help turn your dreams into a reality. We can also provide some of the most coveted outdoor features in St. Kilda, such as bluestone paving, Merbau decking, feature screens, and wall cladding options.

We employ licensed landscapers and are a team of registered building practitioners who have been in this industry for years. If you need your outdoor project done right the first time, we’re the team for you.