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Looking for the Best Landscape Design in Melbourne? You Want the Landscapers at Desired Effect Landscaping

While the inside of your home may be meticulous and perfectly curated, the outside is all most passers-by notice. Even when family, friends, or other visitors come over, the exterior of your home sets the tone for the rest of your house. Your lawn and overall landscape are the first impressions people get of your home’s design and style; don’t you want to make sure you impress them?

Sprucing up the exterior parts of your garden can be hard work, particularly if you have a huge yard that’s just begging for inspiration. The good news is, you don’t have to tackle this project alone, not when there are qualified landscapers in Melbourne who are happy to help whip your yard into shape.

Talk to Desired Effect Landscaping in Melbourne for Amazing Results

If you’ve decided to hire landscapers, working with the best in the industry will ensure your lawn realises its full potential. Here at Desired Effect, we have the knowledge and creativity to create your dream lawn. Not only do we have over ten years of industry experience, but we are also skilled at imagining unique and customised design solutions for your yard.

As the premier landscaping service in Melbourne, we offer all the traditional services you associate with landscaping, such as edging, trimming, lighting, and turf and irrigation services. We also provide many additional services, from creating timber decking to adding pergolas and more to your outside space. Think of us as your own personal designers, but for your garden. Anything you can imagine becomes possible when you partner with Desired Effect.

How Can Desired Effect Improve My Home’s Value?

Our professional workforce at Desired Effect will help you achieve the yard of your dreams while improving the value of your property. In addition to our core services, we offer a variety of ways to help customise your home.

  • Paving and Concreting – From coloured concrete and pavers to intricate designs, we’ll create the most innovative patio, pathway, or driveway for your home. We can even create beautiful paths around pools, streams, and along gardens.
  • Timber Decking – Create more space for your family to enjoy with quality timber decking. It’s like adding an addition onto your house for your family to enjoy outdoors. From building and designing your deck to sealing and finishing the deck’s wood, Desired Effect has you covered every step of the way. Plus, you’ll love entertaining in your new outdoor space!
  • Pergolas – Go a step further with your design and have a complete outdoor room or pergola installed to allow for a charming feature in your yard, as well as an enclosed space for everyone in your family to enjoy.

From redoing your existing garden areas to ultimately sculpting and creating new, imaginative spaces, Desired Effect has the experience to transform your yard into a true work of art and a reflection of your home’s personal style.