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For the Best Professional Landscape Design in St Kilda, Brighton, Malvern, and Melbourne East, Count on Desired Effect

When you need to add the finishing touches to a business or other building’s aesthetic, there are some steps you might take. You could apply a fresh coat of paint, or hang some signage near the door to draw attention to it. However, for a truly eye-catching touch, the best thing you can choose to do is invest in high-quality landscape design. By putting energy and effort into the landscaping around your building, the overall look will be greatly improved. This is true for both businesses and residential dwellings. For professional landscape design St Kilda knows is backed up by hard work and industry experience, Desired Effect is the reliable choice. Operated by Brett Blundell, a landscape design expert serving Melbourne East with more than a decade of experience under his belt, Desired Effect is the area’s premier all-around garden service. Whether you need beautifully manicured shrubs, pavers put down, or even Merbau decking installed, Desired Effect isn’t just our name, it’s the result you will receive.

We create the finest looking landscape design Brighton can receive

Part of why you want to choose a great landscaping company like Desired Effect is because you can’t accomplish all of the tasks yourself. When you hire our service and utilise our custom designs, you will be able to achieve the perfect look for your outdoor space. For example, you can do better than simply planting some shrubs and keeping them manicured. A walking path up to your front door made of granite paving stones can make an impressive statement while also unifying the visual theme of your garden. Stone planters can bookend paths or entryways. Greenery will be pristinely maintained and placed in the perfect locations. Just a few of these extra elements can bring new life to a garden space that was once dull and drab. Desired Effect has the expertise to back up its landscape design. Brighton businesses can count on us when they require a professional look, too. Because we are happy to accept both small jobs and large ones, we can tailor our services to your needs. If your business complex needs a landscaping overhaul, we can make that happen, too!

We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship and timeliness

Desired Effect is more than just the landscape design Malvern will love to use. We are a company of hard workers driven to create the best-looking gardens and landscaped surfaces possible. Our workmanship is never substandard. We hold ourselves to a high bar of quality and hope to consistently impress every client in the area that comes to us for landscape and design services. We work on deadlines, too, and can get the job done in the time you require. For more information, please use our web enquiry form to send us a query and we will get back right away. Get in touch with us by ringing us on 0402 829 344 and set up a meeting with us today!