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Desired Effect’s Landscape Design Adds a Fresh Look to Properties in Hawthorn, Blackburn, Burwood, and Surrey Hills

How can you add a fresh look to properties whose curb appeal needs a significant update? It does not matter whether you are trying to beautify a business or a home. Curb appeal is a serious factor in a property’s value. When you need to add an extra layer of sheen to a property to allow it to show better to potential buyers, what can you do? At Desired Effect Landscaping, we have the answers you need. A property that has benefited from professional landscape design can have a much better chance of attracting prospective buyers. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Maybe you have, and the results were less than you what you hoped to attain. At Desired Effect, we are experts in landscape design Hawthorn can trust. With Brett Blundell and his decade of industry experience at the helm, our services are top notch. When you want to spruce up a property and make it look impressive and professional, you can count on us at Desired Effect to achieve your vision right on time.

With a fresh approach to landscape design, Burwood properties can sell faster

Many potential home buyers today are on the lookout for properties that have well maintained and gorgeous landscaping. This isn’t just because it looks attractive. For example, a home with a professionally landscaped backyard can serve as a focal point for entertaining guests. For many people today, this is one of their “must have” items on a home buying wish list. Sellers and others involved in real estate would do well to invest in the landscape design Surrey Hills will respond to the best. Desired Effect is the company of choice for jobs like this. We can create a custom design that reflects the personality of the space you are trying to build.

We can create elegant timber decking, great outdoor rooms, beautiful paths and, of course, we can provide for garden lighting throughout. Our ability to design and implement a full range of landscape services is why it’s our landscape design Burwood homeowners rely on for all their needs. Don’t just put a home up on the market without giving the outdoor spaces a facelift. You can pump up the value with an investment in the garden area. You’ll be adding curb appeal as well as a cosy feeling that will attract potential buyers.

Count on Desired Effect to give your garden the perfect look every time

For landscape design, Blackburn can trust Desired Effect to achieve its design goals on every job. We welcome clients with small jobs as well as large design and construction projects. Our pledge is to work in tandem with you to create a design you’ll love. From there, we will implement the design and create a pleasant outdoor space in an efficient and timely manner. For any questions or to book an appointment with us, please ring us on 0402 829 344. We look forward to creating something beautiful with you!