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Desired Effect Landscaping Offers Experienced Design and Construction Services to Hawthorn, Blackburn, Burwood, and Surrey Hills

At Desired Effect Landscaping, we believe strongly in the power of a well-designed garden space when it comes to adding both value and beauty to any property. Whether you are completing a renovation, finishing construction on a …read more .

Desired Effect’s Landscape Design Adds a Fresh Look to Properties in Hawthorn, Blackburn, Burwood, and Surrey Hills

How can you add a fresh look to properties whose curb appeal needs a significant update? It does not matter whether you are trying to beautify a business or a home. Curb appeal is a serious factor in a property’s value. When …read more .

For the Best Professional Landscape Design in St Kilda, Brighton, Malvern, and Melbourne East, Count on Desired Effect

When you need to add the finishing touches to a business or other building’s aesthetic, there are some steps you might take. You could apply a fresh coat of paint, or hang some signage near the door to draw attention to it. However, for …read more .

Are You Seeking Serenity? Try Using the Most Professional Landscapers in Hawthorn, Blackburn, Burwood, and Surry Hills!

Landscaping can help people to escape from their daily life by creating a beautiful natural retreat right in your backyard. If you’re aching for a vacation, consider making your home all the vacation you need with the best …read more .

Are You Looking to Spruce up Your Home with Landscapers in Malvern, St. Kilda, Brighton, and More? We Can Provide the Desired Effect!

Do you want to sell your home, impress your neighbour, or just love natural areas and want them incorporated into your living space? There are so many reasons for employing a high-quality landscaper …read more .

For Complete Landscaping Services in Melbourne East, St Kilda, Brighton and Malvern, Desired Effect is the Premier Choice

If you are in the process of renovating your home, or you almost have the process completed, you’ve probably reached the conclusion that you will need to do some landscaping before you’re through. Renovations and construction can …read more .

Are You Looking for Professional Timber Decking in Surrey Hills, Hawthorn, and More? We Are the Place to Go!

Many people enjoy drinks after a long day of work on their own peaceful deck set in the privacy of their property far more than at a crowded, bustling bar. It’s far easier to unwind after a long day at work or to host your own crowded, …read more .

Are You Interested in building Timber Decking for your St. Kilda, Brighton, or Malvern Home? Say no More, We Serve all of Eastern Melbourne!

Do you love how inviting a beautifully built timber deck looks on a warm summer evening? We do, and that’s why we strive to provide the highest quality custom timber decking to Melbourne’s Eastside! At Desired Effect Landscaping, …read more .